Sapele - Entandrophragma cylindricum

Janka Hardness = 1530

Photosensitivity = Yes (Darkens)

Sapele flooring has characteristics of the Sapele tree. Sapele is in the same family as mahogany. The wood is light to deep reddish brown. Sapele has a medium to coarse texture. Grain is straight to interlocked. Much harder than African Mahogany and red oak. It is a great alternative to Mahogany.

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Scientific Name = Entandrophragma cylindricum
Trade Name = Sapele
Family Name = Meliaceae
Synonyms = Entandrophragma rufum, Entandrophragma tomentosa
Common Names = Aboudikro, Acajou sapelle, Assi, Assie sapelli, Atore, Bibitu, Botsife, Bubussu, Cedar, Dilolo, Gold Coast cedar, Kwabohoro, Liboyo, Libuyu, Lifaki, Lifari, Lifuti, Lotue, M'boyo, Miovu, Muyovu, Odupon, Oweru, Penkua, Penkwa, Sapele, Sapele mahogany, Sapele wood, Sapeli, Sapelli, Scented mahogany, Tshimaye noir, Ubilesan, Undianuno, West African cedar
Regions of Distribution = Africa
Countries of Distribution = Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo, Uganda, Zaire

Numerical Strength Properties and Data:
Bending Strength = 16,221 psi or 1,140 kg/cm2
Density = 41 Lbs/Ft3 or 657 kg/m3
Janka Hardness = 1530
Hardness = 1439 or 652 kg
Impact Strength = 36 Inches
Maximum Crushing Strength = 8,985 psi or 661 kg/cm2
Shearing Strength = 2168 psi or 152 kg/cm2
Stiffness = 1,614,000 psi or 113,000 kg/cm2
Specific Gravity = 0.58
Work to Maximum Load = 0.98 cm-kg/cm2
Weight = 40 Lbs/Ft3 or 641 kg/m3
Radial Shrinkage = 4%
Tangential Shrinkage = 7%
Volumetric Shrinkage = 12%
T/R Ration = 1.6

General Characteristics = Heartwood a medium to fairly dark reddish brown or purplish brown; sapwood whitish or pale yellow, distinct. Texture rather fine; grain interlocked, sometimes wavy, producing a narrow, uniform, roe figure on quartered surfaces; lustrous; without a distinctive taste but with a cedarlike scent.
Grain = Quarter cut Sapele is reported to yield a ribbon, regular stripe or bee's wing. Other cuts feature various desirable patterns, including fiddlebacks, roe or a mottled design, especially in wood containing wavy grain
Texture = Medium and uniform
Movement in Service = Medium
Photosensitivity = High (Darkens)
Color = Reddish Brown
Steamed = No