About Us

How it all began…..

 In 2008, Jeffrey Brennan and his father Andrew, were in West Africa exploring new business opportunities. Immediately, their attention was stolen with the diverse beauty and uniqueness of the Natural elegance of the abundant African timber species. 

They set up meetings with the African government officials to learn about the export requirements and harvesting laws of the countries they were about to visit. They toured over a dozen sawmills and hand selected the choice few to conduct business with.   Local ownership, staffing, and forestation practices were all a part of the extensive selection process. 

The Brennan’s wanted to do so much more than just provide flooring.  They wanted to be able to offer the high end consumer a vehicle to express their own individual style.  This vision was achieved with the creation of Brenco Exotic Woods.  Only the finest genuine species are selected.  Trees are hand picked with the goal of bringing excellence to the end consumer. 

All flooring is from the genuine African species.  There is no stain to mask or copy the beauty of the African forest.   Brenco Exotic Woods met with an old world family owned hardwood floor manufacturing Company in Portugal.  European manufacturing has a long and earned reputation of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  These are the characteristics and qualities that Brenco demands in all of its products. 

Brenco Exotic Woods manufactures solid and engineered flooring, (prefinished and unfinished.Flooring is offered in various widths and thickness ranging from 3.5” to 7”.  We have recently began producing custom requests at select American mills to continue the level of quality offered to our clients.  Engineered flooring comes in multiple sizes with wear layers up to 6mm.

  Starting in November of 2013 all solid and engineered flooring has been manufacture in USA.

When genuine quality, durability, elegance, and style are required….  Make the right choice….



 Brenco Exotic Woods, when the ordinary just won’t do!