Beli-  Julbernardia pellegriniana

Janka Hardness = 1480

Photosensitivity = Yes (Darkens)

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Scientific Name = Julbernardia pellegriniana
Trade Name = Beli
Family Name = Leguminosae
Synonyms =
Common Names = Awoura, Beli, Ekop, Ekop-beli, Erop-beli, Zebrali, Zebreli
Regions of Distribution = Africa
Countries of Distribution = Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo, Gabon

Numerical Strength Properties and Data:
Bending Strength = 20,519 psi or 1,442 kg/cm2
Density = 45 Lbs/Ft3 or 712 kg/m3
Janka Hardness = 1,480
Hardness =  lbs. or  kg
Impact Strength =  inches or  cm
Maximum Crushing Strength = 9,574 psi or 673 kg/cm2
Shearing Strength = 2,542 psi or 178 kg/cm2
Stiffness =  psi or  kg/cm2
Specific Gravity = 0.72
Work to Maximum Load =  inch-lb/in3 or  cm-kg/cm3
Weight = 31 Lbs/Ft3 or 496 kg/m3
Fiber Saturation Point = 27%
Radial Shrinkage = 4.4%
Tangential Shrinkage = 9.2%
Volumetric Shrinkage = 13.7%
T/R Ration = 2.1

General Characteristics =
Grain = Grain is usually interlocked, with a uniform medium to coarse texture. Moderate natural luster.
Texture = The texture is medium to coarse.
Movement in Service = The timber is reported to be unstable, and tends to move considerably after manufacture.

Photosensitivity = Yes (Darkens)
Color = Heartwood is a light brown, commonly with alternating darker stripes throughout. Quartersawn sections in particular exhibit a Zebrawood-like appearance. Wide sapwood is a pale yellow and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood, and lacks the darker stripes.