Makore - Tieghemella heckelii

Janka Hardness = 1110

Photosensitivity = No

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Scientific Name = Tieghemella heckelii
Trade Name = Makore
Family Name = Sapotaceae
Synonyms = Tieghemella heckeliana, Dumoria heckelii
Common Names = Abacu, Abako, Abaku, Abecou, African cherry, Agamokive, Agamokwe, Aganokpe, Aganokwe, Asaka, Babou, Babu, Bagwain, Bako, Baku, Butusu, Cherry mahogany, Dimori, Dimpapi, Diutu, Djuru-tu, Douka, Dumone, Dumori, Edinam, Edumoi, Gofilei, Gwa, Hochioo, Ipaki, Konoo-findo, Makarou, Makore, Makori, Makwe, Mbabou, N'duka, Nduka, Okola, Okolla, Opapea, Opepe, Rubber tree, Ukola, Wosima, Wosime
Regions of Distribution = Africa
Countries of Distribution = Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone

Numerical Strength Properties and Data:
Bending Strength = 14,623 psi or 1,028 kg/cm2
Density = 43 Lbs/Ft3 or 689 kg/m3
Janka Hardness = 1,110
Hardness = 1,194 lbs. or 586 kg
Impact Strength = 29 inches or 73 cm
Maximum Crushing Strength = 7,677 psi or 539 kg/cm2
Shearing Strength = 2,260 psi or 157 kg/cm2
Stiffness = 1,505 psi or 105 kg/cm2
Specific Gravity = 0.6
Work to Maximum Load = 16 inch-lb/in3 or 1.12 cm-kg/cm3
Weight = 39 Lbs/Ft3 or 624 kg/m3
Fiber Saturation Point = 28%
Radial Shrinkage = 4.7%
Tangential Shrinkage = 8.0%
Volumetric Shrinkage = 11%
T/R Ration = 1.3

General Characteristics = Heartwood pink to pink- or red brown; sapwood 2 to 3 in. wide, whitish or light pink, clearly demarcated. Texture fine to medium; grain generally straight; lustrous; sometimes with an attractive moire figure. Liable to stain in contact with iron when damp.
Grain = Grain generally straight, though interlocked or wavy grain is sometimes present

Texture = Fine even texture with good natural luster.
Movement in Service = Movement in service is rated as small.

Photosensitivity = Low
Color = Heartwood pink or reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of mild color variation. Yellowish sapwood can be two to three inches wide, and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Figured grain patterns (such as mottled or curly) are a common occurrence.