Kosipo - Entandrophragma candollei

Janka Hardness = 1130

Photosensitivity = No

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Scientific Name = Entandrophragma candollei
Trade Name = Omu
Family Name = Meliaceae
Synonyms = Entandrophragma ferrugineum
Common Names = Atom, Atom assie, Bouboussou rouge, Candollei, Diamuni, Entandrophragma mahogany, Esaka, Heavy mahogany, Heavy sapele, Heavy sapelle, Impompo, Kosipo, Lifaki mpembe, Lifuco, Okpoloco, Omu, Penkkwa akowaa, Penkwa, Penkwa-akowaa, Pepedom, Sapele-heavy, Tshimaie tshikunze, Tshimaye rouge, Unscented mahogany
Regions of Distribution = Africa
Countries of Distribution =
Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Zaire

Numerical Strength Properties and Data:
Bending Strength = 16,464 psi or 1,157 kg/cm2
Density = 44 Lbs/Ft3 or 705 kg/m3
Janka Hardness = 940
Hardness = 1,127 lbs. or 511 kg
Impact Strength = 28 inches or 71 cm
Maximum Crushing Strength = 7,209 psi or 506 kg/cm2
Shearing Strength = 882 psi or 62 kg/cm2
Stiffness = 1,135 psi or 93 kg/cm2
Specific Gravity = 0.68
Work to Maximum Load =  inch-lb/in3 or  cm-kg/cm3
Weight = 41 Lbs/Ft3 or 657 kg/m3
Fiber Saturation Point = 32%
Radial Shrinkage = 4.7%
Tangential Shrinkage = 6.6%
Volumetric Shrinkage = 11.8%
T/R Ration = 1.4

General Characteristics = Heartwood dull brown or purple brown and clearly demarcated from the whitish to pale brown sapwood. Texture rather coarse; grain generally interlocked; without distinctive odor or taste. This is the only species of Entandrophragma that is reported to contain silica.
Grain = The grain is usually straight, but may be interlocked. When present, interlocking grain is reported to produce a mottled or striped figure. Wrinkly grain is also reported to be occasionally present.
Texture = Texture is relatively coarse and even.

Movement in Service =

Photosensitivity =
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