Izombe - Testulea gabonensis

Janka Hardness = 1560

Photosensitivity = No

The heartwood is a golden yellow, with streaks of brown. Texture very fine and even; grain straight. Of all the yellow woods, Izombe changes color the least over time and is generally darker and richer in color.

Brenco Exotic Woods, when the ordinary will not do!!!

Scientific Name = Testulea gabonensis
Trade Name = Izombe
Family Name = Ochnaceae
Common Names = Ake, Akewa, Akewe, Isombe, Izombe, Magnenti, Mogongou, Mugongu, N'Gwaki, N'komi, Ngron, Rone, Zombe
Regions of Distribution  = Africa
Countries of Distribution = Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, South Africa

Numerical Strength Properties and Data:
Bending Strength = 16,696 psi or 1,173 kg/cm2
Density = 46 Lbs/Ft3 or 737 kg/m3
Janka Hardness = 1560
Maximum Crushing Strength = 8,535 psi or 600 kg/cm2
Shearing Strength = 2042 psi or 143 kg/cm2
Stiffness = 1,704,000 psi or 119,000 kg/cm2
Specific Gravity = 0.76
Weight = 45 Lbs/Ft3 or 721 kg/m3
Radial Shrinkage = 3%
Tangential Shrinkage = 6%
Volumetric Shrinkage = 10%

General Characteristics = Heartwood orange- , gray- , or pink yellow with a gray hue; sapwood not well demarcated. Texture very fine and even; grain straight
Grain = May occasionally be slightly interlocked, producing a ribbon or wavy figure.
Texture = A dark resinous substance is sometimes present in some cells.
Movement in Service = Low
Photosensitivity =  Low